Want to know how to become a better leader? Look at executives such as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Did you know that he has 18 direct reports?  Yep…18. I counted (and recounted) myself. Take a look for yourself. You may be wondering how the CEO of one of the most recognizable brands in history can manage 18 senior leaders. My guess is that he gives autonomy and trust to the people who report to him. At least, that’s my guess after talking to Jody Bailey, Chief Technology Officer for PluralSight, and this week’s guest on the podcast.

On This Episode

Jody is an experienced technology leader who says companies can move past the traditional organizational structure that suggests the ideal number of direct reports. In fact, he believes leaders can manage up to 20 direct reports while creating an engaging and fun culture that attracts high-performers. How you ask? By making sure leaders do what they’re supposed to do best….lead. And that means letting go of micro-management tendencies so they can focus on these 5 things:

  • Build autonomous teams
  • Create collaborative and psychologically safe environments
  • Stop making all the decisions
  • Hire the right people to do the right things


As a CTO and CXO of the Year recipient, Jody has many leadership tips to offer. This episode is filled with great insights that you can mirror within your own team to improve your leadership skills.

About Jody

Jody Bailey is the Chief Technology Officer for PluralSight. He has 20 years of experience building and leading enterprise technology teams, as well as reimagining processes and systems to improve performance. Throughout his career, he has led teams that built IT and software solutions for companies such as Verisign, Fidelity Investments, Vovici and WorkFront. Follow Jody Bailey

About PluralSight

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