A couple months ago, I sat down with Q. Wade Billings, VP of Technology Services at Instructure. We had a great conversation that lasted well over an hour. We discussed his love of the craft (computers), the movie War Games, cybersecurity, building a true DevOps organization and one of the moments that helped forge him into the leader he is today.
His journey into engineering leadership is pretty epic and probably one that any new leader (regardless of function) can relate to. Actually, the faux pas he committed early in his career is one any of us can learn from. And it forces us to beg the question:
When something goes wrong at work, who is truly to blame? The offender or the leader?
It may seem cut and dry, but few things in life really are. Wade’s leadership journey shows us that the best leaders know accountability is rarely one-sided.

About Wade

A seasoned professional with over 20 years invested in technology, leadership, and innovation. In the mid-1990’s, he was a founder and part owner in SetSytems, one of the first online e-commerce sites, which was subsequently sold to Digital River.
Wade has worked with, and for, leading organizations like Intel, Sprint, Excite@Home, and Lowermybills.com where he honed his leadership, security, networking, and systems architecture skills.
When not working to deliver software and services to make people smarter and improve their lives, he feeds his entrepreneurial cravings, and is currently working with a few local startups as a technology advisor and mentor.
He is currently the Vice President of Technology Services for Instructure.
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