When was the last time you watched an entire television ad….

While watching live TV?

If you’re like a majority of people in this world, you rarely watch TV live. And if a commercial comes on while you’re watching a show on demand you probably feverishly press the fast forward button. Should the programming gods be particularly cruel and restrict you from fast forwarding through the ads you probably pick-up your phone to check your Instagram feed.

It’s like a dance.

Except you are sashaying across the dance floor intentionally avoiding your suitor. So if no one likes to watch ads how do we find products and brands that we can’t seem to live without? I spoke to Norty Cohen, CEO of digital agency Moosylvania, to find out.

What You’ll Hear

      • The story behind Moosylvania (Rocky & Bullwinkle anyone?)
      • Why Norty decided to launch a research company to study brand loyalty.
      • We chat about the Top 100 Brands Report and what those companies are doing to capture and keep the attention of consumers.
      • How some of the top brands are creating unique experiences that far exceed the notion of advertising
      • How some companies are falling flat on their face when it comes to engaging customers.
      • You’ll also hear me gush over the design of Norty’s new book, The Participation Game: How the Top 100 Brands Build Loyalty In A Skeptical World

The Participation Game: How the Top 100 Brands Build Loyalty In A Skeptical World

Today’s consumers are in charge of the ads they see – and the brands they choose to let into their world. Their friends are generating hundreds of interesting and compelling posts a day and commanding their attention.

For marketers who assume they can join the conversation, the question is not just how to get some of this attention. It’s how to give it. Even though the game has changed, many brands still play by the old rules – assuming that consumers want to welcome their messaging. Yet other brands easily build authentic connectivity and lead consumers through the purchase funnel to loyalty.

About Norty Cohen

Norty Cohen is CEO and Founder of Moosylvania, the St. Louis-based ad and creative agency well-known for their sought-after annual research and data on the Top 100 global brands. 
Prior to starting Moosylvania, Cohen was the COO of former agency of the year, Zipatoni. Prior to his four decades of creative and innovation engineering experience, he received his degree from the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. Cohen is a weekend rock warrior, and plays percussion in a 70s review rock band.  He is also on the Executive Board of Gateway to Hope, a charity that buys insurance for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The Embassy Of the Republic Of Moosylvania

Moosylvania is a branding, digital and experiential agency that works with some of the top brands worldwide. Their headquarters, a desanctified church and former school, is located in St. Louis, MO.

Dr. Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions Our willingness to connect with and share content come down to emotions. The most shared content seems to favor the emotion of admiration. When consumers were asked “What emotion has your favorite brand caused you to have in the last 30 days?”, the overwhelming response was: Joy, Trust, Anticipation.