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Making the Move From Founder to Venture Capitalist

A quality of every great founder is someone who can inspire other people to want to get on board. Sarah Hodges Partner, Pillar Sarah Hodges is a Partner for the early stage venture capital firm Pillar. If you sat down with Sarah two years ago and asked if she’d want to become a venture capitalist, she would have shaken her head and said, “Absolutely not!” But she changed her mind after having a heartfelt conversation about Pillar’s mission and values with founder and VC veteran, Jamie Goldstein. He’s very convincing. Before making her way into the VC world, she...

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Making Retail Great Again

Listen on iTunes I got meetings with investors because of my past and reputation as an entrepreneur. But when I mentioned the word eCommerce, often the meeting ended. They would stare at their watch and say they’ve got another meeting. Stephan Schambach Founder, NewStore Stephan Schambach grew up in East Germany during the Cold War. He experienced oppression and thought control first-hand and often thought of fleeing the country like so many others. But you know what? He didn’t. Instead, he absorbed himself in a growing hobby of his: building cloned computers. That hobby grew into a profitable side...

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Black Girls Can Code

Listen on iTunes The Pipeline. If you work in technology, you (or your colleagues) have undoubtedly heard or lamented about the dreaded pipeline problem. Definition: “The Pipeline” (proper noun) – A pool of qualified talent whom are interested in working for any given organization in a technical role. For “technical role” see 95% of all open jobs on Indeed. The Pipeline Problem takes the definition a little further by adding a diversity twist: “The Pipeline Problem” (proper noun) – A limited or non-existent pool of diverse (read: women and underrepresented minorities) and qualified technical talent whom are interested in...

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Think back to the last time you purchased a car. Walking onto the lot of a dealership. Eyeing-up a car you’ve been researching online for weeks. Being greeted by a friendly salesperson who offers you to take the car for a test drive – after they photocopy your driver’s license of course. Everything goes well….until the test drive is over and you get “the look.” That’s when negotiation begins… You then spend the rest of your Saturday afternoon eating oddly delicious shortbread cookies while going back and forth over the price of your trade-in, price of the new car,...

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53 Words Of Encouragement To Get You Through A Bad Day At Work

Here’s the thing about management that they don’t tell you…. You’re going to have bad days…really bad days. Days (or even weeks) where everything seems to be going wrong. We’ve all been there. Days where your boss comes storming into your office demanding to know why your team always seems to be playing ping-pong or hanging out at the cafeteria instead of making much needed sales calls. Of course your team sees it differently… Or days when every 15-minutes someone from your team comes in with a complaint about employees from another department who refuse to give them the...

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