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Are Military Best Practices Your Key To Building A Loyal Team?

Listen On iTunes Are you afraid of commitment? Not the, “ I want to be with you for the rest of my life; forever and ever” type of commitment. I’m talking about work and being committed to your job, your team and your organization. Of course we all know the answer. It just depends who’s asking it. If your boss comes to you and asks, “Are you committed to this organization?”, you will most likely respond with a resounding, “Absolutely!” But between us friends? Would you be as enthusiastic? Would you be so sure? The truth is most employees...

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On the Verge of Success: What’s Your Daily Routine?

Two full time jobs. Six 16-hour work days, ……and only one day off. This is the reality of being Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and co-founder of Twitter. Despite the long hours, Dorsey maintains his entrepreneurial spirit and stays on top of the digital game. With the countless “My Daily Routine” articles Dorsey has been a part of, he’s proven that with the proper plan, anyone can be a productivity prodigy. In your eight-hour day, you’ve got meetings with your team, phone calls to return and plenty of content to create. You’re doing your best to be productive, but...

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How To Build Your Personal Brand

Subscribe on iTunes Can you answer this question truthfully? What comes to mind when people think of you? If that’s too abstract, fill in this sentence instead: “When ________________________   need help with _______________________  they come to me because I am ___________________________.” Did you have trouble filling in the blanks? Today’s guest, Bruce Kasanoff, would argue that most people do. When asked, most people (professionals or not) don’t know what others should expect from them. They don’t know the value they add. At the very least, they have a fuzzy way of communicating it. That’s a problem. It’s a...

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How One Company Landed More Than $5M In Funding On Kickstarter

Nomatic Backpack Subscribe “I’m the backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks too Anything that you might need I’ve got inside for you Backpack, backpack Backpack, backpack Yeah!” If you had a young child during the early to mid 2000’s [slowly raises hand], you probably recognize those lyrics. I laugh typing the word “lyrics” in reference to a children’s television show that featured a thieving orange fox as the antagonist.  “Swiper, no swiping!!” Anyway. Those famous lines were sung ecstatically by pop icon and bob wearing heroine, Dora the Explorer. Pause for childlike reflection. Now, you may be surprised...

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10 Must Have Items to Keep In Your Business Backpack

If you’re carrying around a backpack that looks like something your kid brother would carry. You know the one. The ratty hunter green Jansport bag that has cheap nylon shoulder straps and a shoddy zipper.  You, dear friend, are in need of some serious fashion advice.  It’s time you stopped purchasing your satchels and  business backpacks from the big-box discount store and start thinking about updating your business accessories! If you want to be respected in a particular industry, you have to look the part.  You aren’t going to do that with accessories that look like you stole from a...

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