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5 Ways To Prevent Bias At Work

Over the past year bias has taken center stage on blogs, media sites and around conference tables at VC firms, technology companies and beyond. Earlier this year there was a maelstrom of anger around the anti-diversity memo penned by a now former Google employee. And people were divided. Divided around the topic of diversity as well as freedom of speech in the workplace. Gayle Van Gils and I spoke about the memo on the podcast episode Empathy, Bias and the Google Anti-Diversity Memo. Whether or not you agree with the memo and whether or not you agree with Google’s actions to...

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How To Think Like A Futurist

Confession: ​I used to think the world would be pushed into a dystopian future due to a manmade virus that would infect 99% of the human race, turning them into flesh eating zombies. Mmmm….brains. I realize now that’s irrational. The world will be taken over by robots and then the zombie apocalypse will ensue. How do I know robots are in our near future? Signals Signals are defined by futurists as: “A small or local innovation or disruption that has the potential to grow in scale and geographic distribution.” They can take the form of a new technology, product,...

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What Is Organizational Structure

Sometimes work feels like you’re part of a pyramid scheme. Other times, it’s like you’re in Austin Powers during the scene where Mike Myers’ character is fighting a henchman of Dr. Evil while shouting, “Who does Number 2 work for???!!!!!”. That movie is so classic, btw. No matter what, structure is vital to how decisions are made and work gets done. But what is it exactly? What is an Organizational Structure Organizational structure may seem like a dull topic, but like most things that are mundane, it plays a major role in how a company works and ultimately succeeds. Success...

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Why Brainstorming Is Braindead

Learned a few brainstorming techniques over the weekend and want to implement them at work? Maybe you should think again. Imagine it’s Monday morning and before you can make it to your desk you are bombarded by incoming texts, peers and employees alike. All asking you the same question? “Did you see our competitor’s new marketing campaign?” Of course, you make it a habit to read business publications each morning and have Google alerts setup to track your top 5 competitors moves. So you are fully aware of their new campaign.  And frankly, you’ve been freaking out about it...

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Job Interview Questions You Must Ask

Imagine quitting your job LIVE on social media to a throng of 10,000 viewers. That’s exactly what entrepreneur and viral video maker, Nicole Walters, did 2 years ago.  Now before you get too inspired and go all Jerry McGuire on Facebook Live, how about you consider what led you to where you are today. Everyone knows that most people quit their managers. I’ve done it. My fiancé has done it. My 11-year old wanna be YouTube star has done it. [I’m the manager in that last scenario, btw]. But did you know that nearly one-third of employees quit within...

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