You’ve probably never met an unemployed software engineer.


Because the demand for software engineers is excruciatingly high, but the supply of talent is low.

The unemployment rate in IT is one of the lowest of all industries. And while that is good for people in the profession, it’s not so good for companies struggling to fill those positions. With so many open tech positions and not enough people to fill them, what are companies supposed to do?

The answer may lie in one company’s mission to hire software engineers in Africa.

On this episode, you’ll meet Christina Sass, Co-Founder and President of Andela. Andela hires and trains the brightest minds in Africa to become software engineers. The company hires, trains, mentors and places engineers on remote teams with top organizations like Microsoft, IBM or Gusto.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Christina co-founded a start-up in Africa
  • How Andela is working to reduce the tech skills gap
  • Their Ivy League worthy selection process

Christina also shares why hiring brilliant jerks goes against the Andela culture, how they assess applicants on the traits that truly matter, and their workforce goal of 35% or more female software engineers.

Lots of insight and inspiration for anyone with a software engineer opening.

About Christina

Christina Sass is Andela’s co-founder and President, overseeing all company operations. Prior to founding Andela, Sass built education and employment programs in China, Gaza and the West Bank, Kenya, and in her home state of Georgia.

During her three years directing the Program Department at the Clinton Global Initiative, she worked to advance CGI’s Commitments to Action with a particular focus on the empowerment of girls and women. She also served as senior advisor to the president and CEO of the MasterCard Foundation, a private foundation working to advance education, employment, and financial inclusion in Africa. She has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and an M.A.L.D. from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

About Andela

Andela was founded on the idea that brilliance is evenly distributed. With that as their backbone, they’ve built a network of technology leaders dedicated to advancing human potential. Andela’s core function is helping companies build high-performing engineering teams by investing in Africa’s most talented software developers.

In the three years since their founding, Andela has selected the top .7% of more than 70,000 applicants from across the African continent. Based in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, Andela developers are already working as full-time engineers with companies that range from industry leaders like Viacom to venture-backed startups like Gusto and SeatGeek.