Want to submit a guest post to a growing media site that reaches Senior & Mid-Level Executives? 

If you enjoy The Manila Folder and want to take part in our mission to connect middle and upper management leaders with the content and community they need to achieve career and personal success, consider writing for us as a Guest Blogger.

Successful guest contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach our readers something new or provide a different view point about the world of Leadership & Careers. While we tend to skew toward content about specific leadership and management tactics, that’s not all we talk about.

We’re also interested in publishing any topic that leaders care about, which includes things like business trends, productivity and time management, work-life balance, travel and corporate style (just to name a few).

Guest posts are NOT paid for.

What We Look For In Guest Posts

To maintain a high level of quality, we look for the following in each of our posts:

  • Original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  • Article reflects the writing style/tone of the The Manila Folder Blog. Our goal is to be casual, but professional. Our readers are often at the beginning of their leadership career, so fun and engaging topics are appropriate.
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.
  • No more than one links to your company’s website in the body of the post.
  • No more than 2 links in your bio: one to your blog/website & one social media account


  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that’s too promotional of you, your company or organization.
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies — this is not a site to air grievances.

Guest blogging is an opportunity for professionals to share their personal knowledge, experience and perspective on industry matters. Please do not submit copy that is self-promotional. The Manila Folder will not publish press releases.

The Manila Folder reserves the right to include calls-to-action and related Association content, including but not limited to email newsletters, podcast episodes, related blog and video posts, webinars and upcoming events.

In submitting original content as a guest post The Manila Folder, LLC becomes the owner and copyright owner on posting. In submitting, you give consent to republish the work in any way, form, or media without compensation or additional permission. If the content is ever republished you will receive prominent credit.


Please submit guest posts to editorial@themanilafolder.net Along with your post please submit:

  • A short bio
  • A headshot

Thanks for your interest!!

KC Jorgensen