Recruiters are idiots.

So are hiring managers.

As a former recruiter and hiring manger I resent those statements. But if you go to Google and type in “recruiters are” or “hiring managers are” you will see how the search engine feels about the two.

OK, it’s not Google per se, rather people like you and me who are typing phrases into the search engine. Evidently, enough people are typing in statements versus questions. What do you think their intent is?

My guess is they want to express their extreme displeasure for the hiring process.

Unfortunately, most companies, hiring managers and recruiters don’t get back to them. So instead of directing their complaints to the companies directly, they tattle-tell through Google.

Can’t say I blame them.

A majority of companies have a miserable hiring process.

It’s not good for candidates. It’s not good for people responsible for hiring. And it’s not good for recruiters.

So exactly what is going wrong?

Prior to starting this podcast my career focused a lot on hiring and recruiting. I can tell you from my experience on all sides of the equation (as a candidate, as a recruiter, as a corporate executive), there are MANY points of failure.

And everyone involved has a piece of blame pie.

Great! So what do we do about it?

I had a conversation with Brianna Rooney, Founder of Techees, to figure that out.

On this episode you’ll hear Brianna talk about her experience hiring for some of the hottest technology companies in San Francisco.  What many recruiters do that is horribly wrong and what managers do that makes the situation even worse.

There’s a lot of moving parts with the hiring process, but I definitely believe we all can make even small changes in order to improve.

What You’ll Hear

  • The 1 thing 70% of companies do that creates a horrible candidate experience
  • How long it should take you to fill a position
  • What companies can do to improve the process
  • Brianna’s guess for the future of recruiting

Tune into this episode to hear Brianna give tips and advice on how you can hire the right people by improving your hiring process.

About Brianna

Brianna owns Techees, a firm that places highly sought-after software professionals with companies in the Bay Area that are high profile, VC backed, profitable, pre-IPO and/or public.

Brianna takes a “match making” approach to recruiting. Hiring is all too similar to dating. If you want to do it right, you have to take the thoughtful road without all the fluff. The saying, “fire fast and hire slow” doesn’t work in the Bay Area. You need to fire fast and hire faster.

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Pick-up her latest book: The Millionaire Recruiter

Tips To Improve Your Hiring Process

  • Take the resume of your high performer and highlight all the skills and traits they listed that are relevant to their performance. Use that as a starting place to craft an honest and compelling job description.
  • Follow-up with candidates within 48-hours of last contact
  • Define your employer value proposition. Why would an amazing candidate want to work for you?
  • Make sure the job description is clear on what is truly needed to be successful in the position, on the team and within the company
  • Follow-up with candidates and set expectations on when you’ll get back with them.
  • Ask relevant questions, not brain teasers that have absolutely nothing to do with the job. They don’t work!!
  • If you’re a recruiter, make sure you have a thorough conversation with the hiring manager about the job and ideal candidates. Take a few resumes or LinkedIn profiles to the meeting and ask them to highlight what they believe is relevant and cross out anything that is a turn off. 
  • Seriously….follow-up with candidates