Six months ago I launched my first podcast, The Manila Folder.

Like so many other podcasters, I was inspired to launch my show after binge listening to Gimlet Media’s first season of Startup. I was blown away by the quality of audio storytelling. The characters, the quirky music, the story. Everything.

I absolutely loved it.

During that time, I was searching for a new business venture, but wasn’t sure what direction to go. After weeks of researching and asking myself to answer (what seemed like) impossible questions, I felt a tug to launch a business to help others succeed in their management career.

So The Manila Folder was born.

And it has been absolutely fantastic. The podcast has allowed me to reach executives, established leaders and first-time managers alike. It has created a growing audience and community and has become the foundation of 2 businesses.

To say that the podcast has been one of the best things I’ve done in my career is an understatement.

This got me thinking.

I know the likes of Tim Ferris, Amy Porterfield, Aaron Mahnke and others have created or massively accelerated their business because of podcasting. Who else has stories of podcasting success?

So, I spoke to a couple of podcasters to find out how podcasting has impacted their business.

Janice Chaka

The Traveling Introvert podcast

“For me it has not been about my business it has been about me reaching more people with my story.

It started off as a way for my friends to keep track of where I was and what I was up to. Then it morphed into being more aligned with my business. There is a lot of mis-information out there about introversion and my one aim has been to let my audience know that they are not alone. I try and use the podcast to give a voice to those who are not often heard and I use it to help with charity work.

Due to The Traveling Introvert I have been introduced to many different types of communities and made friends with all sorts of people. It has also enabled me to give advice to people who are thinking of starting a podcast with little or no funds.

It has also been a way to let off steam. As I work from home I don’t always have a person to speak to, so looking at things from different angles and how they can be used to teach others is what I do to work through issues and then speak about them on my podcast. When working with clients if they ask me about certain topics I can point them to one of my podcast episodes. I am not a person who likes to write so instead of having a blog I have a podcast which I love!”

Sagan Morrow

Candid Conversations podcast

Our podcast is actually what STARTED our business! One of my besties and I (each of us with our own solopreneur businesses at the time) thought it would be fun to start a small business podcast, as a way to connect with cool business owners we wanted to get to know better, and to have interesting conversations with them over a glass of wine.

But during our very first episode, our guest was talking about how much she had enjoyed being in business with a partner. Barely a week later, my co-host and I started talking about how it would make a lot of sense for us to join forces and combine our solopreneur businesses into one… and we did just that!

April 2018 will mark the one-year anniversary of our decision to go into business together and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

To me, the benefits of podcasting get beyond *just* the opportunity to collaborate with others and share tips and stories (although that is of course extremely important!). An added bonus is that podcasting can help you look at things in new ways; it can spark ideas that you might otherwise never have considered. And that’s pretty cool.

Make sure to take a listen to The Traveling Introvert and Candid Conversations podcasts.  They are hosted by amazing entrepreneurs and the content is stellar.

Now over to you.

Do you have a thriving podcast? Or maybe you’d like to start a show of your own to accelerate your reach and business growth. Let us know…