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“I’m the backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks too

Anything that you might need I’ve got inside for you

Backpack, backpack

Backpack, backpack


If you had a young child during the early to mid 2000’s [slowly raises hand], you probably recognize those lyrics.

I laugh typing the word “lyrics” in reference to a children’s television show that featured a thieving orange fox as the antagonist.  “Swiper, no swiping!!”


Those famous lines were sung ecstatically by pop icon and bob wearing heroine, Dora the Explorer.

Pause for childlike reflection.

Now, you may be surprised to find out that Dora has absolutely nothing to do with Kickstarter. Except she was on to something when it came to the love of her handy dandy notebook…errr backpack.

You see, there’s a thriving community of backpack lovers on Kickstarter. Early adopting, urban nomads who love travel, being prepared, and looking stylish while riding a rented city bike. Forever searching for the perfect accessory to load up their things and knickknacks too.

In true entrepreneurial form, today’s guest, Jacob Durham, and his cousin Jon Richards, saw there was a massive thirst for the perfect backpack.

So they made it.  

And in the process launched a campaign that became the highest funded Kickstarter project in Utah and one of fewer than 300 that topped $1M.

Jacob’s story and how they were able to make lightning strike more than 3 times is beyond remarkable. To say they’ve hacked Kickstarter is only the half of it.

Tune in to the podcast to hear some valuable Kickstarter and business tips from Jacob, co-founder of Nomatic.


What You’ll Hear

  • Jacob shares the story of prototyping and launching a Kickstarter project
  • What most people do wrong when launching a project on Kickstarter
  • Horrible mishaps when launching a brand new business with anxious customers
  • The hard part of building and scaling a start-up


Jacob Durham is the owner and co-founder of NOMATIC a crowdfunding based company that creates highly functional bags and gear.

The company started 3 years ago and has raised more capital through Kickstarter than any other company in Utah. Jacob’s passion lies in developing incredible products, building a brand, and cultivating a team that people are excited to be a part of.

Prior to starting NOMATIC Jacob had 10 years’ experience sourcing product overseas.  He Also spent 1 year in public accounting performing financial statement audits after earning his Master’s in Accounting from BYU and licensing as a CPA.

About Nomatic

At Nomatic we support the movers and makers that live life on the move. Those who dive in headfirst and have an inner desire to work hard, do more, and never stop improving. We do this by creating super-functional products that inspire confidence and help you feel organized, prepared, and committed to making happen, whatever your “it” might be.

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