I got meetings with investors because of my past and reputation as an entrepreneur. But when I mentioned the word eCommerce, often the meeting ended. They would stare at their watch and say they’ve got another meeting.

Stephan Schambach

Founder, NewStore

Stephan Schambach grew up in East Germany during the Cold War.

He experienced oppression and thought control first-hand and often thought of fleeing the country like so many others.

But you know what? He didn’t.

Instead, he absorbed himself in a growing hobby of his: building cloned computers.

That hobby grew into a profitable side hustle and as soon as the wall came down, that side hustle became a full-blown business. A business, named Internshop,  that what go on to develop the first standard software for online shopping. Helping to create in a new way for consumers to shop.

As you’ll hear, Stephan is an eternal operator. And even though he found early success with his company Internshop he quit to launch a new, cloud-based eCommerce company named Demandware.

And after a successful acquisition by Salesforce (for more than $2 billion) he launched yet another retail disrupting company, NewStore.

Seriously, Stephan is a true innovator who has worked tirelessly for more than two decades to to push the boundaries of conventional retail. If NewStore is any indication of the future of retail, you and I are in for a surreal experience.

On This Episode

  • What led Stephan to quit his role as CEO of Intershop
  • How NewStore is changing the retail game
  • What he believes is the future of retail

About Stephan

Stephan is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating and growing successful tech companies in the United States and Europe. Under his leadership and vision, he brought Intershop and Demandware to IPOs with multi-billion dollar market caps. In 2016, Demandware was acquired by Salesforce and is now known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NewStore, Stephan is setting out to change the market once again. This time by solving the omnichannel problem facing so many retailers and brands.
He has won numerous awards around the world for his technology and entrepreneurial leadership, and he is the author of Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart. He is also an investor in several software and green-tech startups.