We all want advice. Good advice. 

At least until we get it and it’s not exactly what we want to hear. Mainly because the good advice is something we know we should be doing, but have been ignoring or we had no clue we should be doing it (or not) in the first place. So how do you get good advice?

You find a mentor. 

We all need a Yoda, Mr. Miyagi or Oprah Winfrey if we want to be successful, maintain our success or become the best version of ourselves.   tweet this

In my conversation with Bob  Bethel a few weeks ago, he mentioned that businesses often fail because leaders don’t seek out help from a mentor or experienced expert.

Mentors are the people who can help us achieve our goals. They give “Been there. Done that” advice that truly counts, point out our weaknesses and guide us towards the right path.   All so we can be better. Who doesn’t want that?

 So on this episode, I sat down with Kyle Jacobsen, Director of Product for Teem.

On the Episode

Kyle and I chat about his experience with mentors, who he considers to be more like friends than anything else.  We talk about why he mentors junior product professionals and why he believes leadership fails early on in his career could have been dampened if he had a mentor during that time. Lastly, we talk about how to find a mentor and what to look for.

No matter where you are in your career, if you want to reach the next level, it’s important you find a mentor who can help you become the best version of yourself.

About Kyle

Kyle’s kids believe he was once a swashbuckling pirate and that he wrestled Alaskan brown bears. Truth is, he was never a pirate, but he loves spending time wrestling designers and engineers to build great products.

He has practiced product management for more than 15 years; creating and building B2B software solutions.  Currently, Kyle is the Director of Product Management, UX and Product Marketing at Teem. There, he focuses on improving the workplace experience for companies such as Slack, Box and AirBnB.

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