Season 1, Episode 11

Dr. Larry Cornett

On this episode I spoke with former VP of Yahoo and Career Coach Larry Cornett, Ph.D..
We chat about the journey of work and Larry gives insightful advice on how you can manage your career and enjoy the journey of work.
Larry started his career at IBM and then moved over to Apple, while finishing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in psychology from Rice University.  He tells an epic story about Steve Jobs, who had just returned to the helm of the iconic brand.
It’s pretty classic.

He continues his career at other great companies in Silicon Valley, including eBay and Yahoo where he was promoted 7 times in 7 years, landing a role as a Vice President. But it doesn’t end there.  His journey includes being a start-up founder and now a career coach to Gen X leaders.

You may be asking, how did a VP at Yahoo become a venture backed start-up founder and then a career advisor? It’s a great question, with an even greater story as an answer. Larry’s journey and his advice will make you think.

On the Episode

  • Money and titles aren’t the end all
  • Importance of “Productizing” yourself
  • Learning is an important part of the work journey


About Larry

Larry Cornett, Ph.D. is a career advisor at Brilliant Forge with a focus on helping Gen X employees who are frustrated with their corporate roles. He helps people forge invincible careers to remove vulnerabilities that are causing fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Prior to founding Brilliant Forge, he was a Silicon Valley product executive with over 23 years of experience at tech startups (including his own), and larger corporations that include Apple, Yahoo, eBay and IBM