Wouldn’t you love to think like a futurist? I definitely would.
For obvious reasons, they have their finger on the pulse of  topics, technologies and innovations that will shape our world.
Who wouldn’t want that?
Next best thing to being a futurist is interviewing one. That’s why I was excited to speak  with Dr. Bob Johansen, Futurist and Distinguished Fellow at the Institute For The Future.
On this episode, he and I spoke about his upcoming book, The New Leadership Literacies and some startling occurrences that futurists call signals. Like the Chinese factory that replaced 90% of their workforce with robots. And how the US Military uses massive gaming spaces in order to create life-like simulations of war torn countries, so troops can be prepared for battle.

On This Episode

Dr. Johansen walks through each of the new leadership literacies every manager will need to master if they want to be successful in the future.
  1. Forecast likely futures so you can “look back” and make sure you’re prepared now for the changes to come,
  2. Use low-risk gaming spaces to work through your concerns about the future and hone your leadership skills,
  3. Lead shape-shifting organizations where you can’t just tell people what to do,
  4. Be a dynamic presence even when you’re not there in person, and
  5. Keep your personal energy high and transmit that energy throughout your organization.
Dr. Johansen also gives insights and examples on how leaders can adapt in order to keep up in our overly connected and highly distributed world.
Listen in to find out about some of the technologies that will change the way we live and work within the next 10 years.

About Dr. Johansen

Dr. Bob Johansen is a Futurist and Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the future. He is a keynote speaker and widely published author, penning the Reciprocity Advantage and Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present. His new book The New Leadership Literacies Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything is available anywhere you purchase books online.
In this episode