Chief Marketing Officers and other marketing leaders often get the short end of the stick.

A Korn Ferry study about C-suite executive tells an interesting story.

The Accenture Strategy CMO Insights study spells it out.

And I’m sure if you are (or know) a marketing executive you would likely say the same. The pressure on marketing executives is very real (#struggle) and there seems to be some reason behind it.

To find out why marketing leaders are at the top of this not so prestigious list, I spoke with marketing leadership expert, Thomas Barta.  Barta, who co-authored The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, along with Patrick Barwise, had much to say about marketing professionals.

He and I had a chance to talk about why marketing executives are typically the first to be fired and what they can do to turn the tide.
Hint: A lot of it is in their control
Thomas gives some phenomenal anecdotes and tips to help marketing leaders. Actually, he and I chatted a little after recording stopped and agree that much of his advice would benefit any executive or leader (regardless of their title or function).
He dives into his research and gives nuggets about how to manage your boss, peers, team and yourself in order to achieve ultimate success.
For instance, he stresses the importance of focusing on the area where customer and business needs overlap, ditching marketing jargon by discussing revenue instead, and a great exercise you should do with your team to find out how you inspire them and others.
Thomas provides some stellar career advice for anyyone in a marketing leadership role.

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Thomas is the world’s premier expert, speaker, and author on marketing leadership.
He speaks to Fortune 500 leaders worldwide on marketing from a CEO’s perspective—and on why, to make customer focus and innovation actually happen in organizations, leadership is the key.
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