It’s probably one of the saddest sights… You’re craving a red velvet cupcake with freshly whipped cream cheese frosting or a warm melt-in-your mouth chocolate chip cookie, so you turn to Yelp to find the closest (and highest rated) bakery near you. Bingo! Found one with 4-Stars and several reviews and gorgeous user generated photos. Whistling, because who doesn’t whistle when they’re about to consume an obscene amount of sugar, you hop in your car, drive the .7 miles to the bakery and park in front. Excitement building, you get to the front door, but as you extend your arm to open it you’re met with a sign….

“Out of Business”

Heartbreaking, I know. But not because you saved yourself from an hour on the elliptical, rather another business had to shutter it’s doors. If today’s guest has his way, this scene won’t be as common as it is today. Robert “Bob” Bethel is a business expert and author of Strengthen Your Business: Fail Proof Strategies From the Man Who Has Resced 77 Businesses. Honestly, this was one of my favorite interviews. Bob is one of those people who you could listen to for hours on end.  Having saved 77 businesses from the brink of failure, he has many stories to share about what it takes for a company to succeed and the primary reasons why businesses fail.

On This Episode

  • Why businesses fail
  • What founders can do to set their company up for success
  • How to inspire a team that’s had to deal with failure
  • How Bob overcame his own epic business failure

About Robert

Robert Thomas Bethel is the orchestrator of seventy-seven business turnarounds over the past fifty years. Early successes and troubles in his own professional career inspired his passion for taking over struggling businesses and guiding them towards the road of profitability. Bethel has turned around companies in various industries—from restaurant chains to engineering firms—and has helped save over ten thousand jobs as a result of his strategic business counsel.